Google satellites and drones : tests are planned in New Mexico

Google will perhaps test the ability of its atmospheric satellites to distribute an internet connection in New Mexico.

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A contest to find "the next Spielberg drone"

A project competition of short films, with filming by drone.

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Video : François Hollande is testing a drone in the garden of the Elysee

The President of the Republic has been trying to control the UAV in an exhibition of high-tech prototypes in the garden of the Elysee.

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Star Wars 7 : the filming location is accidentally shot with a drone

While he was flying his drone, he stumbled upon the filming location for Star Wars 7.

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North America : and if we were talking about hunting assisted by drone

More and more officials are concerned about the impact of the use of drones to hunt game.

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Amazon launched a section of its site dedicated to drones

The new section called Drone Store is dedicated to drones and accessories.

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An aerial drone video of where the iPhone 6 will be unveiled

The strange structure erected to unveil Apple iPhone 6, view with a drone.

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Angry Ram : drone is attacked by an angry ram

In this video, you will see a drone being attacked by a ram while filming the animal.

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What happens when a drone fell into the hands of an artist

Discover the masterpiece FICTION, who used a drone to make light painting.

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Surveillance : Police drones Paris ?

Police in Paris considering the use of surveillance drones to monitor risky places.

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