She quietly and sunning topless on a roof. Then, Drone passed…

This young woman is believed to secluded sunbathing topless on the roof of a building. She did not think a drone (somewhat perverse) would fly over the roof.

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A drone is invited to match Manchester City – Tottenham. Man arrested

A man, suspected of having flown the UAV from a store outside the course, was arrested.

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Enjoy this beautiful video aerial drone of the city of Lyon

Like Lyon ? You'll love this aerial drone video.

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France does not like drones delivery. Tant pis

In response to a parliamentary question, the Department of Defense is reluctant to the idea of ​​letting operate drones delivery like Amazon in the territory.

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How drone (and a flag) turned a football game scene in urban guerrilla

Back on the incident caused by a drone, which took place during the match between Serbia and Albania.

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Anura or when the revolution of the drone is invited in your pocket

Folds, This drone can get into the pocket of jeans.

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The Linux Foundation Announces Plan Dronecode

Open source software platform for UAVs, supported by the Linux Foundation.

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Video : hawks do not like drones

The drone was not damaged, or falcon.

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FPV Racing : a race of drones, façon Star Wars

Discovery of a new discipline called FPV Racing.

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Iceland : an amazing aerial drone video of an erupting volcano

A volcanic eruption filmed with a drone by an employee (courageous) de DJI.

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