Discover the site of the future of Apple HQ with a drone

An aerial image of the site drone Campus 2 d’Apple.

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Disney considers the idea of ​​using UAVs in its amusement parks

Disney filed three new patents for devices using drones.

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Amazon : package delivery drone could start in India

Amazon would consider testing its drones delivery in India.

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Boeing is also interested in civilian drones (Delivery)

Boeing funds researchers to make flying safer civilian drones.

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An incredible show featuring 3 dancers and 3 drones

After seeing this amazing spectacle, you will not see the drones in the same way.

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The drone : a new must-have to get things in prison

Passing things in a prison with a drone, there are some who are trying. And there may be successful.

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Before shooting a show with a drone, you'd better see this

Bassist tackles drone during the concert.

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A drone to carry banners

The banners carried by drone, a new media communications ?

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“Walk with a drone”, the crazy project of a lover of the Cevennes

He will walk with his son in the Cevennes and Gevaudan with a prototype of autonomous mobile office energy, preceded by a high-definition camera flying.

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Unusual : driving a Mazda as in video games through a drone

Find out how a vehicle is driven with a view in the third person, but in real life using a drone.

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