Video : Cupid was replaced by the Cupidrone

The driver for this drone had the idea of ​​dropping roses on couples. A little surprise for Valentine's Day.

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In Singapore, a restaurant where your meal is brought by a drone

Drones will they put the unemployed servers ?

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The creators of this drone just received a one million dollar reward

Gimball the creators had already done a great deal about them last year. Today, they are winners of Drone For Good.

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DJI ask our users to return to the old firmware

The firmware that was to prevent his drones to fly over the White House was clearly not yet fully developed.

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DIY : he transformed his drone 'Millennium Falcon'

And guess what ? You can create one.

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Parrot : "Drones, like all things, have negative and positive aspects "

For the CEO of Parrot, do not see the negative aspects of drones.

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En Chine, Alibaba is also testing package delivery by drone

The Chinese giant is never late. It is already testing the delivery of goods by drone ...

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Three BBC journalists were interviewed in Davos because of their drone

The BBC could be fined for failing to comply with a No-Fly Zone in Davos, during the Davos Economic Forum.

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Young gamers recruited to drive US military drones

Military leaders who recruit drone pilots in the video game fairs ...

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Concept : This ambulance drone could save many lives

This incredible concept created by Argodesign seems to be straight out of a science fiction movie.

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