Video : en Italie, drones stalk wild Parking

An Italian association uses a drone to protect the coast.

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[Video] A journalist films the departure of the Costa Concordia with a drone

Before being forgotten forever, Costa Concordia lot of talk. This is an aerial drone video of his departure from the island of Giglio.

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[Video] DJI presents DropSafe, a parachute for UAVs

The DropSafe DJI is a parachute slows the fall of a drone and avoid violent crash.

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Tour de France : these aerial drone videos that have been added to the direct

Freeway Drone, the company that provides aerial images by drone for the Tour de France.

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Amazon : program parcel delivery drone should also land in the UK

Amazon project to deliver parcels ordered online with drones is certainly not limited to the United States.

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[Video] Discover Rio de Janeiro with the eye of a drone

Before I forget Brazil and the World Cup, watch these incredible videos air drone captured around Rio de Janeiro.

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United States : company is authorized to inspect power lines with drones

You should know that in the USA (unlike France), commercial UAV flights are not yet allowed.

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Researchers have invented a drone of a whole new genre for photographers

A drone shipping a light source and automatically repositions to maintain an effect.

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Parcel delivery drone : Amazon insists that the U.S. regulator

Amazon is seeking an exemption to the FAA that it can test drones delivery outdoors.

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Martha Stewart published a gallery of his property made with a drone

The star of the American TV Martha Stewart has published on his personal blog a gallery of aerial photos of his property made with a drone Phantom. The beginning of a new trend ?

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