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While she is campaigning for parliamentary elections, Merkel was meeting in Dresden, the capitale of Saxe. While still in the gallery, minutes after his speech, At one Drone, the drone of leisure Parrot lands on the platform, only two meters of the state women, in front of photographers and cameramen of the press across the Rhine and booed public. This is the German police after the pilot spotted ordered the drone to land immediately. The young of droniste 23 years therefore did not have time to remove the machine away from politicians or the crowd. He has explained that he took pictures of Angela Merkel in order to sell to the press.

Despite the danger, since the drone could be equipped with explosive or simply get in touch with her, Angela Merkel just smiled this incident. The German Pirate Party subsequently claimed responsibility on its website, explaining want to attract media attention on the issue of military drones and understanding the German Chancellor and the Minister of Defence Thomas de Maizière that one feels when one is observed by a drone. Find the sequence that will be remembered in the video below.

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  • Alex

    At least, the landing was successful !

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