The amazing concept Gofor : service drones on demand

There currently is a concept that. But anyway, this concept is truly amazing and makes us want to be thrown into the next decade. Imagine : service drones on demand.

On this site, We regularly publish articles about related services drones, like an Australian start-up that plans to deliver the books drone or American society that wants to deliver drug purchases using the same method. But never, we have not heard of a service "drone on demand" which is as close to reality.

If we compare the concept Uber Gofor, this is because in the same way that the VTC service allows you to rent a drone via an application. But what does the drone will do ? Simple tasks but "useful", predefined by the service provider, such as aerial images taken, virtual presence (check if there is a car park on such a place, go to the beach to see if there is in the world) or come and serve you transmitter signal if you do not have a network.

On its website, Gofor also discusses applications in the field of security. For example, if you walk into an unsafe place, you can call a drone with your phone, which will follow you and watch over you (sort of).

Following missions and circumstances, The drone can be operated by a professional pilot or fly completely autonomously.

If you want to dream of advantage, you can visit site Gofor.

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  • Sfa

    Absolutely fantastic as concept. Under prevention it will be very helpful to fly a building or a forest fire in history to have an estimate on the type of action required eg.

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