The use of drones in environmental research and meteorology

Scientists from the University of Virginia, United States, conducted tests to evaluate the possibilities offered by drones in lieu of weather balloons, to collect information on weather and climate.

En effet, a drone that can fly 30 meters can afford to have accurate and useful information. For the time being, it is already possible to measure the temperature and humidity with a drone. The researchers hope that the drones will also, soon, determining the speed and direction of wind.

Currently, these are helium balloons that are used by researchers around the world to gather information. However, under certain weather, its use may not be appropriate. Using a hexacoptère could be ideal to supplement hydrogen balloons.

The principle should be the same as the robots used to measure parameters in marine environments and underwater. Equipped with sensors, they return information among researchers to be interpreted.

If the work of researchers at the University of Virginia proved fruitful, it would be beneficial for research on climate change.


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